Mamma Mia Rehearsal Schedule

Upcoming Schedule clarifications

Wed, Jan 23:

6:00 prologue: Sophie

6:15 ACT 1:3: Sophie, Sam, Bill, Harry including Thank You For the Music

ACT 1:6  lines in Gimme Gimme and Voulez Vous

8:00 ACT 1:7  Sophie and Bill (Name of the Game)

Thurs, Jan 24

6:00-8:00  Donna and Sam: One of Us, SOS, and the wedding

 Sat, Jan 26 (SVAD)

9:00-9:15  Sophie’s and Sky learn the lift in Voulez Vous

rest of you warm up with TJ

9:15   Review Voulez Vous

10:00 Finish $$$

11:30-12:00  break

12:00-1:00 Finish Does Your Mother Know

Mon, Jan 28 

6:00  ACT 1:5 Sophie, Sky (lead into Lay All Your Love on Me)

6:15  ACT 1:2 Dynamo’s, Eddie, Pepper

ACT 2:2 Donna, Sophie, Sky, Pepper, Eddie

7:00  Add ensemble

ACT 1:1 (those sitting at tables will be placed during Honey Honey)

ACT 1:2 $$$ entrances/exits/crossovers etc.

8:00  run ACT 1 from prologue-scene 2

 Tues, Jan 29   ALL CALL singing and dancing (memorized)

 Wed, Jan 30  Dance (clarification on what, after Saturdays rehearsal)

 Thurs Jan 31  NO REHEARSAL


DYMKTYO – Does Your Mamma Know
UA – Under Attack
OOU – One Of Us
VV – Voulez Vous
$$$ – Money Money Money
TAC – Take A Chance On Me
MM – Mamma Mia
KMKU – Knowing Me, Knowing You
ST – Super Trooper
DQ – Dancing Queen
WTIA – Winner Takes It All
CHKQ – Chiquitita
STMF – Slipping Through My Fingers
OLS – Our Last Summer
HH – Honey, Honey